What you should consider first?

Our main task of descriptive essay writing is to describe some person, or place, or thing using vivid details and examples for your reader to picture easily about what a paper is. As a descriptive essay’s writer, you should accomplish this by applying original language, absorbing comparisons, and images appealing to all senses.

If you want to get a clear idea of this essay type, you should read several patterns of descriptive essays. Here you will find one pattern of descriptive essays.

The subject of the essay is a ride on a big wheel. The author made it interesting, by comparing the attraction to a monstrous creature. He used varied and fresh vocabulary. For instance, the author used such verbs that created excitement as “amaze,” “fascinate,” and “terrify” or “mythical beast,” “monstrosity,” “fire-breathing dragon,” and “amazing dinosaur.” He used his senses to make the scene—how a big wheel looked, smelled, sounded, and felt. It was “huge, noisy, and smoky” and the engines “droned” like the dragon’s roar.

What you should consider first?

The introduction started with a good general statement, “Truly speaking, I have always been charmed by carnival rides,” and finished with a more precise statement, “the excitement and thrill of a carnival ride holds me returning for more.” The main body had several paragraphs, which described the big wheel, the way the attraction felt to ride on one, and the way it appeared from the ground. The conclusion stated again the main idea where the writer continued to consider carnival rides exciting and thrilling.

While writing your descriptive essays, you need to strive to make a deeply involved and unforgettable experience for your readers. Great descriptive essays attain this effect not through statistics and facts but by employing some thorough observations and descriptions.

Writing descriptive essays can be a rewarding and rich experience, but this can feel a little complicated as well. It is helpful to have a quick checklist of the main questions to take into account when you draft, plan, or revise your descriptive paper.

Questions for descriptive essay planning:

  1. Whom or what do you wish to describe in your work?
  2. What is your motive for creating your description?
  3. What are the special qualities that you wish to concentrate on?

Questions on descriptive essay drafting:

  1. What sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes are necessary for developing your paper?
  2. Which peculiarities can you take in to ensure your audience to gain a bright impression infused with your perspective or emotion?

Questions on descriptive essay revising:

  1. Have you provided your readers with enough descriptions and details for them to gain a vivid and complete perception?
  2. Have you left out in your description any minor but significant details?
  3. Have you utilized the words that communicate your perspective or emotion to your audience?
  4. Are there any needless details in your descriptive paper?
  5. Does every paragraph of your descriptive essay concentrate on one side of your description?
  6. Are you each paragraph ordered in the most effective manner?

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